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Saturday, 26 November 2022

Tank Filters



Tank Filters

The Oaktrio rainwater filter has been designed to work along side a water tank or well.

It is available in 2 designs - In Tank and Pre Tank.

Both Oaktrio units feature three 110mm inlets with an option of a 160mm main channel. They have a large 220mm circular stainless steel filter located in the centre if the three inlets with a 15º fall to the flow, this facilitates the Oaktrio's self flushing process.

The filter is simply removed with the extended handle that sits just below the lid.

The Pre Tank filter is designed to be sited before the rainwater storage vessel for easy access. It has a 90º bend which directs the filtered rainwater into the receiving tank or sump and the overflow is directed to the surface drain or irrigation.

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