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Saturday, 26 November 2022




Stormpod is a unique patented totally sustainable stormwater attenuation system.

Its innovative profile enables the Stormpod to be supported with as little as 300mm stone surround and can therefore be used in extreme ground conditions, even high water tables. In non-traffic areas a minimum cover of 350mm is all that is required given the exceptionally strong and robust design whilst being comparatively lightweight. At only 114kg with an individual storage volume of 2280 litres, each Pod can easily be handled and installed.

The connection of pods is very easy. Simply push two pods together so the ribs interlock. The pipe spigots at the base of both pods must be fully inserted into the sealed couplings. This will create a clear vertical channel through which a steel securing pin is inserted, locking the pods together (illustrated in red). A continuous sealed structure with a 300mm diameter moulded storm channel along the full length of its base is formed, allowing for rodding and maintainance.

Hydraulic locks are prevented by a simple venting system designed to allow the Stormpod's maximum storage potential to be acheived.

Multiple design configurations can be attained dependent upon site specific conditions and requirements.

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