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Monday, 03 October 2022

Welcome to Oaklands Environmental Ltd.

Specialists in Rain and Waste Water Systems

Featured Product

  • New Tank Sizes!

    Who said size doesn't matter ! ....

    It does when you are looking for bulk water storage solution.

    We now offer water storage tanks in 8000 litre and a whopping 10,000 litre option.

Oaklands Environmental, part of the Oaklands Group of companies is one the UK’s leading manufacturers & suppliers of Rainwater Harvesting systems, High Density Polyethylene tanks, Sewage & Grease Treatment and Stormwater Attentuation systems.

Being at the forefront of innovative product design has meant we have been able to provide totally sustainable products and systems to support the increasing stress that is placed on the environment today, whilst providing customers with efficient, manageable systems that are cost effective and simple to install and maintain.

All our products come with a full technical back-up support service.

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